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Ash - Known as White Ash, this wood has a grey-brown color while the sapwood tends to be a creamy color. Weighs 3.2 pounds per board foot and is very durable. Generally straight grained and even textured. Relatively light weight if compared to its strength - very strong and is used for a variety of sporting products, baseball bats, hockey sticks, furniture, cabinets, construction framing, doors and panels.
Aspen - Both quaking and big tooth aspen are readily available as lumber in the western U.S. Because of it’s neutral odor and taste, it is used for food containers and other food industry needs. In recent years it has become increasingly important in the manufacture of wood furniture, cabinets , framing ,doors and panels
Hard Maple
Maple(Hard) - Color ranges from a premium white sapwood to a brown heartwood. Also known as Rock Maple or Sugar Maple, can be tapped to extrude the sap for syrup. Moderately difficult to work with as it tends to dull machinery rather quickly. Favourite for flooring and butcher blocks. Used for paneling and interior trim, gym flooring, ballrooms, skating rinks, bowling alleys, furniture, cabinet, bowling pins, and toys.
Soft Maple
Maple(Soft) - Sapwood is light in color while the heartwood is pale brown. Hard, close grained, strong and easy to work. Similar to Hard Maple but is not so lustrous and is softer and lighter weighing 3.2 pounds board foot. Good for trim, furniture and a less expensive Birch substitute. Weighs 3.2 pounds per board foot.
Red Oak
Oak(Red) - Also referred to as Pin Oak and Black Oak. Salmon pink color, and weighs 3 pounds per board foot. Medium open-pored texture with straight grain. Very hard, heavy and strong. Easy to work, turns, carves, and bends well. Finishing qualities are excellent. Used for interior trim, cabinets, flooring, tight cooperage and furniture.
white oak
Oak(White) - Ranges from nearly white sapwood to a darker gray brown heartwood, Red Oak-ranges from nearly white cream color to a beautiful warm, pale brown heartwood, tinted with red. Generally used for furniture, subflooring, flooring, interior trim, cabinets, ships, truck bodies and tight cooperage.
eastern white pine
Pine(Eastern White)- This light colored wood resembles straw in appearance. Soft straight grained and even textured wood weighing 2.2 pounds per board foot. Works very easily with hand and machine tools. Glues well and takes stain, paint very well. The most valuable softwood in North America, as it can be used in almost any piece of furniture or most any form of general carpentry.
yellow pine
Pine(Yellow) - Creamy white sapwood, yellow red to reddish brown heartwood. Very resinous, conspicuous growth ring figure, course texture. Weight 4.21 lbs./ft. Dries well with little degrade and is stable in service. High bending and crushing strengths, high stiffness, medium resist to shock. Holds screws and nails firmly, glues with out difficulty, takes paint and finishes satisfactorily.
Walnut - Heartwood variegated dark chocolate brown, sapwood nearly white. Texture is fine and even and the grain straight to irregular. Moderately dense and hard with excellent machining properties and finishing qualities, considered the most valuable furniture and cabinet timber in the U.S. Walnut is principally used in fine furniture, fixtures, cabinets, gun stocks, interior trim, paneling, veneer and architectural woodwork.
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