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Veneer Logs

We sell veneer logs that comes from appearance-grade veneer-quality freshly cut trees, individually graded and selected. We price this product at a significantly competitive price. These price differentials can provide considerable economic incentive for both the producer and the end users. Our veneer logs clearly distinguish themselves from typical sawed logs.

Our most appearance-grade veneer-quality veneer logs are purchased directly from affiliated sawmills and log brokers, who can provide sorted and graded logs. Some are bought at the log landings of harvest operations.

The veneer log quality attributes that are common (but not absolute) among species and uses are:

Veneer Logs
  • Butt logs
  • Freshly cut
  • Round, sound, and straight
  • Straight-grained
  • Free of knots, bark distortions, decay, seams, worm holes, and bird peck on each of the four log faces
  • Centered heart
  • Uniform color
  • Uniformly spaced rings
  • Free of metal contamination
Veneer Logs
Hard wood appearance-grade veneer-quality veneer logs are dressed to the customer’s needs both domestic and internationally. We load containers and railcars for shipment on FOB or C&F basis, directly from the yards

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